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13주. 게임 / 특강

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Critique Shockwave Projects

Remember your swf file project must be displayed through a browser, load your folder containing the shockwave and html files and the flash swf movie on the presentation computer. a day or two in advance to test your files on site to make sure it all works.





특강:  넷게임즈 / MH스튜디오 V4프로젝트 연출팀 이펙트 송인재 파트장 (3:40~ 4:40)

프리젠테이션: Gaming

“Classic” Commercial Games:
ID Software, Doom / Quake / Castle Wolfenstein

Commercial Online (Multi-User) Games:
Will Wright/Electronic Arts, The SimsEverquest

America’s ArmyKuma\War

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF, Bang the Machine: Computer Gaming Art and Artifacts
Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, Australia, PlaythingGames, curated by Tilman Baumgärtel
Institute for Contemporary Art, Cape Town, South Africa, (re:Play), curated by Radioqalia
New Museum of Contemporary Art, Killer Instinct

Original artist-created games and game-related work
Natalie Bookchin, Intruder / Metapet
Eric Zimmerman + Word, Sissyfight 2000
Josh On, Anti-Wargame
Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell, The House of Osama Bin Laden 
John Klima, The Great Game (Epilogue) / ecogame / Jack & Jill
Paul Johnson, Budaechigae et al.
Brody Condon, tmpspace / Worship 
C-Level, Waco Resurrection
Eddo Stern, Vietnam Romance et al. / Summons to surrender 
Joan Leandre, nostalG / RC100

“Independent” games:
Sid Meier, Civilization IVJennifer Government: NationStates

MODs / game engine hacks / interventions etc.
Feng Mengbo, Q4U
JODI, Untitled Game 
Tom Betts / Nullpointer, q-q-q
Joseph DeLappe, Quake/Friends

Alex Galloway & RSG, Prepared Playstation (2004/5) 

Anne-Marie Schleiner, Velvet-Strike

Castle Wolfenstein
JODI, Wolfenstein version of My Boyfriend… / SOD 

Unreal Engine
Mary Flanagan, [domestic]
Margarete Jahrmann, Max Moswitzer, nybble-engine-toolZ

Half-LifeEscape from Woomera

SIMS intervention
Tony Walsh, Big Mac Attacked

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기획안에 기초한 콘텐츠 제작 및 개별 면담 ( 기말고사 제출용 작업에 대한 기획안에 기초한 기술적 피드백)

특강:  넷게임즈 / MH스튜디오 V4프로젝트 연출팀 이펙트 송인재 파트장 (3:40~ 4:40)




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・디지털아트(Digital Art) :pp. 80-107, “설치(Installation);” pp. 141-149 “가상현실과 확장된 현실(Virtual reality and augmented reality)” ・디지털아트(Digital Art) :pp. 150-158, “사운드와 음악(Sound and Music)”